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Signage Player is a modern, secure and stable cloud-based digital signage software that works all over the world.

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A large format display in your showroom drives customer experience and help create an athomsphere.

NIO House in Norway is using a 43 sqm LED, covering two floors, to enhance the overall athmosphere for visitors

Pontus Meijer

Chief Revenue Officer, Visual Art Group

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Quick and easy to get started

You need a screen, a browser and then you’re good to go!

Upload files in your content library or create content from templates. After that you can just drag and drop the files into your playlists, and press play to broadcast your content on selected screens.

Your content is uploaded in real-time.

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Prices, inventory, picture library, energy consumption, social media, RSS feeds are all examples of integrations.

The Signage Player platform can be intregrated in yours, and yours into Signage Player independed of software of platform.

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Scheduling, customized playlists, groups, channels, fail-over function, triggers, real-time alerts and customized templates is just a few powerful features Signage Player have.

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You don’t have to pay for the ongoing updates our tech department are working on.  

It’s included in your subscription.

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User-friendly interface
Real integrations
Powerful features
Continuous updates

Relied on by marketers, trusted by IT, and
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